Club Information

The goals of the South Forty Archery Club are to promote and enjoy the sport of archery by: Hosting special events for fund raising; organizing family events for members; and maintaining and continuing to develop a safe archery range for all archery enthusiasts in a relaxed park like atmosphere.

These goals are accomplished through the help and support of South Forty members and with the cooperation of the Lakeville City Park and Recreation Department.

For complete information reference our Constitution and By-Laws.

Club Meetings
Monthly Meeting and Open to Public Schedule (2nd Tuesday of each month) Be sure to join us for the meetings listed below, as we want additional thoughts and ideas to improve our club. Come find out what’s happening first hand, and bring your own ideas!

January 9, 2024GoodFellas Pizza Bar & Grill (20643 Kenrick Ave. Lakeville)
February 13, 2024GoodFellas Pizza Bar & Grill (20643 Kenrick Ave. Lakeville)
March 12, 2024GoodFellas Pizza Bar & Grill (20643 Kenrick Ave. Lakeville)
April 9, 2024GoodFellas Pizza Bar & Grill (20643 Kenrick Ave. Lakeville)
May 14, 2024South Forty Archery Clubhouse
June 11, 2024South Forty Archery Clubhouse
July 9, 2024South Forty Archery Clubhouse
August 13, 2024South Forty Archery Clubhouse
September 10, 2024South Forty Archery Clubhouse
October 8, 2024South Forty Archery Clubhouse
November 12, 2024TBD
December 10, 2024TBD

All Meetings from Spring Clean-up thru the October meeting will be held at the South Forty Archery Clubhouse (Ritter Farm Park) location. The location for all meetings From November until the spring clean-up will be TBD and announced via our FaceBook Page and club emails.
Jerad BarkerPresident(651) 769-3420
Ben RobeckVice President(612) 327-6293
Jennifer O’BrienSecretary
Chas PuntilloTreasurer
Dusty DoreyDirector at Large
Craig CathersRange Captain(952) 270-2513

Mailing Address

South Forty Archery Club
P.O. Box 166
Lakeville, MN 55044

Target Range

No Broadhead or Blunt Tipped Arrows on Range: Pointed target points are the only points that may be shot in the pratice butts!

In the past year, we have found damage to the Club’s targets and backstops made by broadheads and blunt tips. Broadheads and blunt tips may not be shot into the Club’s foam, practice backstops or the targets on the walkthrough range. The only place that broadheads and blunts may be shot on the range is in the sand bunker on the right side of the range or into your own foam backstop that is place directly on the sand bunker. This is a safety condition that ALL Club members must uphold. Failing to comply with this regulation will result in removal of the member from South Forty Archery Club.

The Club expanded the broadhead bunker to allow archers to shoot out to 40 yards. The Club built a tower and requires all broadhead tipped arrows be shot from the tower. You must comply with these conditions.


Each year we recruit many new members. This year is no exception. The range is leased from the City of Lakeville and contained within one of the city parks. There are public trails traveling through the range and the Club’s lease requires our archers to respect non-archers and insure they are safe. Please exercise care when shooting the range to insure the safety of all archers and non-archers.

Archers must only travel in a clockwise direction around the walk-through range starting with the 1st target just across the iron bridge. Never travel the walk-through range in a counterclockwise direction since archery groups proceeding in a clockwise direction may not see you until it’s too late. When following another group of archers, please allow plenty of time for that group to retrieve their arrows, clearing the target before you start shooting. When approaching a target, look for signs that another archer may be behind the backstop looking for an arrow that missed the backstop. If you miss a target and need to go behind it to search for the arrow, leave another person from your group or your bows in front of the target so approaching archers know you are behind the target. Always be sure that the path to and beyond the target is clear.

Use common sense. When in doubt – DON’T SHOOT. THINK and PRACTICE SAFETY at ALL TIMES.


From the North

35W South to the 185th Street exit. Cross under the freeway to the frontage road (Kenrick Ave).
Go South to 195th Street and turn west to Ritter Farm Park. As you drive into Ritter Farm Park watch for the blue gate where you turn left into the archery range.

From the South

35W North to County Road 70 exit. Cross County Road 70 to Kenrick Avenue (frontage road) northbound. Follow Kenrick to the 195th Street. Cross over the freeway to the left and follow the signs for Ritter Farm Park. As you drive into Ritter Farm Park watch for the blue gate where you turn left into the archery range.